Asbestos removal in Dundee

Carymar provide Dundee with a professional and reliable asbestos removal service. We are fully licensed for asbestos removal by the Health and Safety Executive and we have extensive experience of asbestos removal from a wide range of different types of buildings across many sectors including industrial, health, education, local government, manufacturing, commercial, insurance and domestic.

Our work force are fully trained to the highest standard. This, accompanied by their experience, expertise and passion means that you can be confident that all works will be carried out to an exceptional level. We are able to remove asbestos from the premises while creating the minimum amount of disruption to ongoing activities. 

To keep all nearby individuals of the premises safe, we construct asbestos containment facilities that enable us to remove and encapsulate any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in a controlled and safe manner. At Carymar, the safety of individuals is at the forefront of all projects. 

Textured Coating Removal

Asbestos surveying in Dundee

As the number one provider of asbestos surveys in Dundee, Carymar are able to advise both owners and occupiers that are in charge of the maintenance and repair of non-domestic buildings (also known as the duty holder) of their legal obligations regarding the management of asbestos. 

If the premises are subject to ordinary maintenance, then an asbestos management survey would be deemed most suitable. In an asbestos management survey we identify and analyse any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) that could be disturbed during ordinary maintenance activities and provide you with a comprehensive report as required under regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. 

If you are planning extensive renovation or even demolition of the premises, then you will require a complete refurbishment or demolition survey. In a refurbishment/demolition survey we identify all ACMs within the refurbishment area or the full premises if demolition is to take place. This may involve destructive inspection, as required, to gain access to all areas.

If you are responsible for non-domestic premises such as factories, commercial buildings, retail premises, offices, schools, cinemas, theatres or churches in the Dundee area, call Carymar - asbestos survey and removal specialists.

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