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    Carymar is the number one expert for asbestos removal in Glasgow, Paisley, Fife, Ayr, Dundee and Edinburgh. Our services include asbestos removal, asbestos management and asbestos surveys and we deal with many different clients across various public and private sectors including industrial, health, education, local government, manufacturing, commercial, insurance and domestic.

    Despite all we know about asbestos, it remains the main cause of work related fatalities with a staggering 4,000 people losing their lives every year. It is responsible for a number of different forms of cancer as well as other crippling illnesses. We explain the major dangers of asbestos in our About Asbestos pages.

    Asbestos can be found in schools, hospitals, offices, factories, and homes. When asbestos occurs and it requires safe removal it is imperative that it is removed and disposed of safely. We provide a complete asbestos removal, disposal and survey service using only fully trained surveyors and removal operatives who will safely remove any asbestos from your premises and dispose of it in accordance with SEPA and special waste regulations. We always provide a quick response and our services are cost efficient and more importantly always completed with safety at the forefront of practice. 

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